"Dr. Music" International Group Company

The  Research  Center for   Music  Therapy 
and  Healthcare  Technologies (RC MT&HT)

RC MT&HT  is a founding member of the "Dr. Music" International Group Company.  The main goal of the company is to promote the advanced knowledge and technologies of Scientific Music Therapy, based on the synthesis of science, medicine and music.Members of the "Dr. Music" International Group Company are:1. The Research Center for Music Therapy and Healthcare Technologies (Russia)2. The European Academy of Music Therapy (Bulgaria)3. The first Clinic of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine of Professor Dr. G. Solar (Slovakia)4. Clinic for myofacial pain treatment (Israel)5. Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Creativity of the Moscow State Conservatory (Russia)6. Welness Center of A. Cranta (Romania)7. Rehabilitation Center for Music Therapy and Corrective Pedagogy "Dr.Music" (Estonia)
The Research Center for Music Therapy and Healthcare Technologies is a leading company in Scientific Music Therapy. Having more than 23 years of researches, more than 350 scientific publications, dissertations, tutorials, 30 Inventions and discoveries in Music and Medicine area, the Company provides intensive development of innovative Healing Technologies using Music and Music Therapy educational programs!
RC MT&HT  has 3 branches :I   Training Center
II  Franchise DepartmentIII The innovative Health Center "Dr.Music"                           

Training Center  offers postgraduate Music Therapy Higher Courses in colaboration with European Academy of Music Therapy

Unique knowledge !

Intensive training !

In the short time you will master Innovative Methods of Music Therapy for children, pregnant women, adults, Technologies of Anti-aging and Pain Relief  with the help of music, which has no equal anywhere in the world.
On completion of the Higher Courses EAMT diploma of Music Therapist (EU) is given. Innovative equipment for Music Therapy is available. 
Excellent opportunities for Music Therapist career in any country ! Good prices!
  Don't miss your chance!

Franchise Department

Franchising "Dr. Music" provides innovative  equipment for Anti-aging, Health improvement, Stress and Pain Control   based  on   outstanding  scientific discoveries in Music and Medicine area made by  Professor Dr. Sergey V. Shushardzhan.

It was developed 3 different technological complects of innovative equipment under the trade mark "Doctor Music" for Music Therapy Offices of 3 types :  

Activity profile: external Anti-aging  /skin rejuvenation/,  internal Anti-aging /neurohormonal optimization/, Stress control, Health improvement - based on Meso-Forte hardware and software system.

Activity profile:   musical analgesia , activation of tissue regeneration,  stress control and health improvement,  acoustic reflexology based  on "AcuTon" hardware and software system.

Activity profile:  joined and seperate music & art therapy sessions for adults  and kids, music therapy for pregnants, personal and creative development.

The "Dr. Music" offices and centers  are open and working successfully in various countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Slovakia, Israel etc.                      Read more about Franshise here...

 Health Center "Dr.Music" 
The best experts in Music Therapy of autism, mental retardation, stress, neuroses, pain syndromes etc.

Anti-aging & Stress ControlMusic Therapy

Music&Art Therapy 
for autistic 

Music Therapy 
for pregnant women

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About our team

Members of the "Dr. Music" International Group Company



Professor Dr. Sergey V.  Shushardzhan: MD, DMedSc, PhD, Academician IAIM, RAMTS, PAS&A and IAEIS, President of The European Academy For Music Therapy (EU). Received an excellent well-rounded education: higher medical and higher  musical, being one of the few people in the world who have achieved equal success in both specialties. As a singer he is known as the owner of the outstanding baritone whose repertoire has 15 operatic roles, more than 500 arias, romances and songs. .
At the same time, Prof. Shushardzhan enjoys well-deserved reputation as a physician-scientist, author of popular books and textbooks, more than 130 scientific works and 11 inventions in the field of  Music Therapy, AntiAging Therapy, Immunology and Psychology.

Leading specialists

Prof. Dr. Eremina Natalia

Professor of European Academy for Music Therapy (EAMT), Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Music Therapist, International Lecturere. She is leading specialist in Family Music Therapy, Anti-aging technologies and Music Therapy for Pregnant Women. Professor Dr. Eremina developed Vokal & Gaming Therapy, Musical & Doll Therapy and other known methods. She conducts Music Therapy courses and trainings.

Gayane Apetian


Pianist, winner of international competitions,
leading concertmaster, an expert in the field of Musicology and Living Music Therapy

Dr. Ruben Shushardzhan

EAMT Associate Professor, MD, PhD, Music Therapist, Chiropractor, International Lecturere.
Author of scientific works and inventions.
He Developed  method of musical reflexology , hardware and software complex "Akuton" for music therapy of psychosomatic problems, pain and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

He conducts Music Therapy courses and trainings.

Prof. Dr. Galina Samsonova

EAMT Professor,  PhD, Music Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, International Lecturere. She is leading specialist in Children's and Family Music Therapy.

"Dr.Music" Int. Group Company 


The Research Center for  Music  Therapy and  Healthcare  Technologies

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